Complete Units represent the simplest and most efficient way to use our custom blended products in the next step of your manufacturing. We will pack any blend to the exact size required by our customers, from 50 g to 1000 kg so that the end product can be added to a customer product without further modification or scaling.


  • Premeasured. You will not have to measure your ingredients on a per-batch basis - they are premeasured for you.
  • Storage. Pacific Blends manages the bulk ingredients for you so that you never have to store more than the exact quantity you need. Storing fewer ingredients means faster turnover and efficient use of ingredient shelf-life - saving you money!
  • Price. Pacific Blends' price advantages on bulk-purchased dry ingredients will be passed on to you.
  • Quality. All of the benefits of Pacific Blends' HAACP, Kosher-certified and allergen-controlled manufacturing will enhance the quality of your finished product.