Pacific Blends takes pride in offering rapid-response, high-volume manufacturing for quantities ranging from 50g-50,000kg - and beyond!  The following describes the key features we use to ensure the highest levels of quality and food safety in our products.


  • Quality Confirmation. Pre-blending quality control confirms that all ingredients are present in the correct quantities prior to blending.
  • Blender Certification. Ongoing certification of our double-ribbon blenders ensures that homogeneity levels remain constant.
  • Contaminant Control. Closed-system blending discharge prevents cross contamination and the introduction of foreign materiel.
  • Positive Holds. Following blending, all product is held until a quality check is completed. This ensures that no blended product is packed or shipped incorrectly.


  • Closed System. Product is input into the packaging line using a closed-system to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Sifting Systems. Pacific Blends uses high-capacity centrifugal sifters for large product runs, and deck sifters for lower quantities. Both sifters break up soft agglomerates, while preventing oversized particles and foreign materials from entering the packaging system.
  • Metal Removal. The product flows over high-powered magnets to remove metal particles before the product is packaged. High-speed inline metal detectors (or end-of-line metal detectors) confirm that all metal particles have been removed from the product.
  • Protective Packaging. Product is packaged in protective multi-walled bags and heat-sealed before it is palletized.
  • Quantities Assured. Frequent check-weighing ensures that every package has an accurate product weight.