Product Development

Pacific Blends assists customers like you to achieve a unique flavour and performance profile to help bring your products to market. Our research team, lead by our Director of Technical Development Predrag Stanic, uses the following procedures to help you create a successful product:

Phase I: Requirements

Our sales and product development staff will work with you to develop a rigorous set of product criteria to ensure we develop a product that meets your aesthetic and technical requirements.

Aesthetic requirements may include size, colour, shape, aroma, texture, flavour, and more. Technical requirements are strongly influenced by the manufacturer's production systems, but may include formulation details such as free-flow and anti-caking compatibility, absorption and moisture retention, freeze/thaw stability, solubility, dispersibility, and more.

Phase II: Research

Once the initial set of product criteria is developed, our team will conduct an extensive literature search through our own development files and existing products in the marketplace. When an understanding of existing products is gained, we may recommend some changes to the product requirements to offer you the best product alternative.

Phase III: Development

In close collaboration with the client, our development team will formulate a product designed to meet the product requirements - balancing the needs of an effective flavour profile with a high-performance formula.

Phase IV: Testing

At the end of the development cycle, we will ensure that the product conforms to the development requirements and meets quality standards by testing for shelf life, taste and colour, and general taste balance. This confirmed, we will work with you to ensure that the product will effectively meet the demands of your manufacturing process.