Our Team

John Wells, President (BA Commerce, MBA)

John is your key contact at Pacific Blends to help you streamline your manufacturing and to develop new products. John works closely with clients like you to learn about their needs and show how our custom blending can be a cost-effective manufacturing solution. John brings his wide range of experience to create unique and cost-effective product solutions - he has over 35 years experience in food manufacturing. From direct sourcing ingredients from producers overseas, helping you manage import/export intricacies, or just ensuring that you get the best customer service possible - John will find new ways to help you build your business.

Cameron Wells, Vice President (BA Communications)

When your product enters the manufacturing process, Cameron is there to make sure it's done right. He'll turn Pacific Blends' high-speed manufacturing capabilities over to your service and get it out the door in record time. Have special shipping or logistical needs? No problem, Cameron will work with your receiving staff to smooth out all the details. Cameron leads our production team to ensure that your product is created on-time, to your exact specifications - all with Pacific Blends' high quality-standard.

J Frank McCormac, Director of Industrial Sales (BA, BioChemistry)

Frank works at the front line to help new and growing companies bring competitive products to market. With over 20 years in product development and industrial sales experience, his expertise can help you to improve your products and streamline your manufacturing. Frank provides attentive service to ensure that Pacific Blends' products continue to meet your changing business needs.

Virginia Robinson, Director of Administration (BGS)

From the moment you place your order, Gina makes it her mission to inform you of every important detail. She'll keep you aware of production status, expected ship date, and other vital details. With more than twenty years of management experience in the food industry, Gina is also tasked with our accounting processes, so she will ensure that your invoices are properly processed and will help to resolve your billing questions.

Predrag Stanic, Director of Technical Development (BSC Chemistry)

When you're ready to take advantage of Pacific Blends' custom-formulated manufacturing solutions, Predrag will listen to your needs and develop a profile to meet your specific technical and flavour requirements. Then he'll use his years of Quality Assurance and Research and Development experience to direct the creation of a product that will compete successfully in the marketplace. He'll ensure that we design the right product, at the right price. And as the leader of our Quality Assurance and HACCP team, he'll always be there to make sure your product turns out just right.