Vegelatum is now Manufactured by Pacific Blends. Visit Vegelatum.com to learn more.

Pacific Blends' custom blending services help food manufacturers streamline their procedures to help them focus on the core of their business. Let us blend your dry ingredients so that you can remove this step from your manufacturing!

How we can help

  • We will develop a custom product formulated to your exact specifications in our development labs.
  • We will unitize your dry ingredients into the exact weight per batch - all you have to do is add one unit of the dry blend to each batch you manufacture.
  • We will ensure your dry blends are produced to the highest level of quality.

Our Capabilities

  • Rapid Response and short lead-time delivery when requested.
  • Emergency response to customer needs in as little as one day.
  • Highly sterilized spice products.
  • Unitized products.
  • Exceptional product consistency.
  • And much more.