Quality Assurance - A continuum of quality

Pacific Blends is dedicated to providing the highest level of product quality throughout the manufacturing process. Checks, balances, and preventative measures provide a continuum that ensures that you receive the highest possible quality of product.


  • Air Filtration. Our facility is positively pressurized. Air is filtered before entering the facility to prevent external contaminants. Internal air is continuously filtered to remove airborne dust to prevent allergen and other types of cross-contamination between products.
  • HACCP. We are HACCP compliant to ensure you receive products that meet the highest standard of quality control and food safety.


Raw Materials

  • Certification. Our raw material suppliers are internally certified to ensure that they meet Pacific Blends' stringent quality standards.
  • Auditing. Pacific Blends requires certificates of analysis from all raw material suppliers for each shipment. Suppliers are held to the highest standard of quality – and we perform internal quality audits to ensure raw materials meet and exceed these exacting requirements.
  • Sterilization. Spices can be a significant source of contamination. Pacific Blends ensures that only the cleanest spices are delivered to our clients by sterilizing all spice products. Typically Pacific Blends' spices are virtually sterile, with less than one colony per 1000 total plate count per gram. Sterilization maintains a superior flavour and prevents spoilage and discoloration in your finished product.


  • Check and Re-check. Ingredients go through several checks before they ever enter the blending process –ensuring the right materials are in your product - every time.
  • Certified Double-ribbon Blenders. We ensure that our blends are always evenly mixed by certifying our double-ribbon blenders on an ongoing basis.
  • Closed Discharge. Our mixed products are discharged from our blenders directly into a closed packaging system. Contaminants cannot enter because the product is never exposed to the open air.
  • Positive Holds. Before packaging begins, all material is held until quality control testing is completed.
  • Allergen-control. We carefully control the production environment to ensure allergens do not contaminate your product.


  • Closed Input. Our mixed products are transferred from the blenders to our packaging system without exposure to the open air.
  • Sifting. All product is passed through sifters to remove hard lumps, break up soft agglomerates, and to prevent foreign materials from entering the packaging system.
  • Metal Removal. Rare-earth magnets strip metal particles from the product stream and metal detectors confirm that all metal particles have been removed.
  • Multi-wall Bags. Product is packaged in protective multi-walled bags and heat-sealed before it is palletized.
  • Quality Monitored. Our quality assurance team monitors all steps of manufacturing, including the packaging process, to ensure that all procedures are completed correctly.


  • Sample testing. We retain samples of every batch and perform an analysis to ensure conformance with our product standards.
  • Date coding. Every package includes a packaging date label.
  • Batch control. We ensure 100% lot tracking throughout our facility.